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Leadership, Friendship and Service


Scouts Royale Brotherhood develops the leadership skills of its members. You will have the opportunity to serve as a
chapter officer or to plan and execute any number of service and social programs, as well as have the chance to
participate in a variety of leadership development programs sponsored by Scouts Royale Brotherhood.




Scouts Royale Brotherhood is a fraternal organization. We believe participating in a wide variety of social programs helps
build a strong feeling of fellowship. Our social activities, which range from local chapter parties to weekend gatherings
involving members from many chapters, provide opportunities to make lasting friendships.




In Scouts Royale Brotherhood, you will be a member of the nation’s largest and most respected service fraternity. Our
projects serve young and old, campus and community, the nation and our own members. Each chapter decides its own
service program, so members have the opportunity to offer ideas for projects and to see them implemented.